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James Hurman

Author, “The Case for Creativity”

James Hurman

Author, “The Case for Creativity”
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Workshop: The Case for Creativity
Synopsis: Debate in the advertising industry has raged for decades: does creativity make advertising more effective? Or is it just the folly of creative people looking to win their next award? The arguments of both advocates and cynics have, until recently, been based on conjecture and anecdotal evidence. James Hurman, author of seminal creative effectiveness book The Case for Creativity, will end this age-old debate using three decades of international data proving the link between creativity and business results.


James Hurman is an author and founder of Auckland innovation agency Previously Unavailable.

Previously Unavailable is the first company of its kind in New Zealand and works with many of the country’s leading corporate, public and start-up organizations, helping them create more successful product and customer experience innovations.

His company was formed in 2014 after a career in advertising. In 2013 Hurman was named the world’s #1 advertising strategist, renowned globally for his successes with highly innovative and effective communications campaigns.

Hurman is an energetic member of the Auckland business community. Besides regularly writing and speaking on innovation, he’s a trustee

of the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, and works with a number of public sector Auckland organizations around building Auckland’s future.

Hurman’s childrens book, The Boy and the Lemon, teaches kids how to be lucky and is the most funded New Zealand childrens book on Kickstarter.

Hurman’s grown-ups book, The Case for Creativity, demonstrates the link between creativity and commercial success in business, and was described by The Coca Cola Company as ‘beautiful words of wisdom’.

Hurman lives in Sandringham with his wife Annabel and their own two innovations – 5 year-old Harper and 8 year-old Tripp.

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